Gigamem® Ultrafiltration Membrane Modules

The unique family of Gigamem membrane modules manufactured by Polymem, Inc. combines efficiency and accessibility for a new, innovative approach to ultrafiltration. Gigamem modules feature permanently hydrophilic Neophil PVDF membranes, extending membrane lifetime and improving performance.

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Gigamem Family

UF240 and UF80G module sizes are available to accommodate a wide range of capacities.

Gigamem Module Number of Bundles (#) Vessel Diameter (in) Vessel Length (in) Filtration surface (m2) Flow (gpm)
UF80G 7 8 66.9 73 16-19
UF240 52 24 66.9 540 120-140

The Gigamem vessel is available in stainless steel and polyamide to suit a variety of applications.


World’s Highest Capacity, Most Compact Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane Module

The Gigamem UF240 module, like both of the modules in the Gigamem family, is operated in dead-end, outside-in filtration mode. Each self-supporting 24" UF240 module contains 52 individual fiber bundles, which can be independently installed, inspected, repaired, and replaced. Because of the unmatched compactness of its internal design, each module offers a filtration surface of 5,800 ft2 (540 m2).

  • Gigamem UF240 540 m2 membrane module

  • Close-up of the 52 removable membrane elements (each in excess of 10 m2) that are contained within the UF240 membrane vessel

  • Gigamem UF240 540 m2 membrane modules with individual membrane elements that can be easily accessed and maintained


Gigamem modules have unmatched versatility due to their high capacity, ease of maintenance access, small footprint, and durable, chemical-resistant Neophil PVDF membranes. Applications include:

Due to their compactness, Gigamem modules are uniquely well-suited for applications in which a small system footprint, design flexibility, or containerization is desirable.


  • Cost Savings on Frame and Components: Direct connection to headers
  • Easy Handling and Maintenance: The Gigamem vessel remains in place; individual bundles can be tested and replaced as needed
  • Cost Savings on Membrane Replacement: Easy end of life bundle replacement, significant savings on membrane replacement costs
  • Cross-section of Gigamem module illustrating central feed tube, filtration bundle mounting plate and bundle configuration

    Typical Gigamem operating configuration illustrating self-supporting module design and overhead feed and filtrate headers


  • NSF/ANSI 61
  • ACS (French Ministry of Health)
  • > 6 log removal of Cryptosporidium and Giardia*
  • > 3 log removal of viruses*

*Determined in a third-party challenge study conducted at an EPA/ETV certified lab

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