Polymem Ultrafiltration Membrane Modules

As part of our strategic partnership with Polymem, we are now the North American source for their innovative Ultramem Range of UF modules. These modules are used in a variety of water treatment applications.

The Ultramem range consists of modules working in dead-end, outside/in filtration mode, offering filtration areas from 4.5 to 114 m2 (48 to 1,230 ft2).

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Typical Applications

  • Drinking water production (NSF-61 and ACS approved) and process water production
  • Tertiary wastewater treatment
  • Pretreatment to desalination or demineralization


  • Compact and cost effective modules: up to 114 m2 (1,230 ft2) of filtration area for a UF120 module with a 31.5 cm diameter and height of 93 cm
  • The Ultramem UF line includes modules manufactured with Neophil PVDF and PSF hollow fiber membranes
  • Efficient and reliable systems with minimal risk of irreversible fiber clogging. Particles accumulated on the external surface of the membrane during filtration cycles are easily removed during backwash cycles
  • Very good permeate quality in relation to suspended mater, biological contamination and SDI removal
  • Efficient internal design for easy cleaning with air scour and use of less water
  • Easy maintenance— short chemical cleaning cycles with standard chemicals, simple and fast fiber defect detection and repair

The Ultramem module range for water treatment has been granted certifications from:

  • NSF ANSI-61 (American Public Health and Safety)
  • ACS (French Ministry of Health)
  • California Department of Health Services (CDHS) ATF Certification

Contact us to discuss your needs for membrane module replacement or upgrade.