About Us

Clean Membranes is a young water technology company built around people with decades of relevant industry experience; a company that leverages partnerships in technical innovation and manufacturing; a company that is currently focused on applying ultrafiltration membrane technology to help address the world-wide problems of water conservation, treatment and reuse.

What we’re good at: technology commercialization, innovating new approaches to solving complex water treatment problems, and materials science. We are currently responding to the water treatment challenges of markets ranging from wastewater for reuse and emergency drinking water for small communities, to providing critical process water for industrial applications. We continue to expand our market scope by offering cost-effective solutions to water treatment problems where ultrafiltration technology can make a difference.

Commercializing Innovation

What initially propelled the founders of Clean Membranes was a vision of the commercial potential of an MIT discovery- a new hydrophilic polymer, PAN-g-PEO (or PgP), that, when made into ultrafiltration membrane fibers and applied to water treatment, would resist fouling and operate for long periods of time without requiring the use of cleaning chemicals. MIT has granted Clean Membranes an exclusive commercial license for the use of PgP technology in water treatment, and we are working now to apply PgP innovation to a range of pressing water treatment needs, especially those associated with the treatment of oily wastewater.

Our interest in bringing innovative technology to market has carried into the commercialization of Neophil PVDF, the product of a collaboration between Arkema and Polymem, and the first major advance in PVDF technology in 20 years. Neophil PVDF incorporates sustainable hydrophilicity and durability into membranes that are more efficient, increase energy savings, and extend membrane lifetime. With Neophil PVDF, Polymem has produced a new generation hollow fiber membranes that have the characteristics essential for addressing the growing global demand for clean water.

Strategic Partnerships

Clean Membranes has partnered with a prominent European commercial membrane manufacturer, Polymem, located near Toulouse, France. Polymem is recognized for its technical expertise, its product innovation, and its manufacturing capabilities, and has extensive expertise in large-scale membrane manufacturing.

To meet the needs of the municipal water market for products and systems, we have partnered with the following firms:

  • Norman Sales Company - Alabama and the Florida Panhandle

  • Kazmier & Associates (kazmierinc.com) - Tennessee and Georgia

Artistic display of ends of UF hollow fiber membranes. The configuration and structure of hollow fiber membranes offers inherent filtration advantages.

System Design

For both standard and custom systems, a critical capability is system design and integration. We strive to make systems work efficiently, perform reliably and withstand the rigors of their environment, whether it’s a point-of-entry system protecting building water from pathogens, a containerized emergency drinking water system for rapid mobilization in a disaster zone, or a reliable and cost-effective system for municipal drinking water production and wastewater reuse. The operational demands for all of these systems may be different, but they share the design objectives of easy operation, durable performance, and value to the customer.


For large scale membrane manufacturing and membrane module assembly, we have partnered with Polymem, a major membrane manufacturer with decades of experience and excellent quality control capabilities.

To supplement our in-house treatment system design capabilities, we have partnered with regional manufacturing firms to design the most reliable and cost-effective systems, based upon our own knowledge and understanding of the treatment process. Our goal is to manufacture the highest quality systems possible to reliably meet our customers’ needs.

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