Applying Ultrafiltration Technology to Critical Water Treatment Challenges

Clean Membranes is responding to the demands of a broad range of water treatment markets by offering multiple UF membrane types, including hollow fiber membranes manufactured from PVDF, PSF, and PgP for application-specific use with standard and custom water treatment systems. Our focus is on water treatment challenges where our suite of technologies and our expertise offer clear technical and economic advantages.

Drinking water

Our membrane technology is installed in over 40 municipal drinking water installations in North America. Clean Membranes offers both module replacements for existing systems and design and manufacturing for new installations. Drinking water plants can improve their performance and extend membrane lifetimes while meeting drinking water regulations with durable, easy to clean Neophil™ PVDF modules, or minimize system footprint while increasing ease of access with Gigamem UF240 modules. Our membrane system installations reliably produce high-quality drinking water while promoting energy and cost savings.

Industrial process water

Our membrane technology has the durability to treat a wide range of industrial process waters and produce water suitable for cooling towers and various manufacturing processes. Paired with new, compact C2-UF systems for water treatment, users can cut space and operating costs while increasing operating efficiency and water sustainability.

Wastewater reuse

Clean Membranes’ flexible and efficient C2-UF systems turn wastewater into water suitable for Class A reuse, decreasing strain on drinking water supplies and promoting sustainability. Increasing drought conditions across North America make water reuse for applications such as irrigation, landscaping, and agriculture more and more beneficial for communities. We offer fully self-contained wastewater reuse systems which require only electricity and water connections to operate to address temporary water depletion, as well as permanent skidded system solutions.

Healthy buildings

Clean Membranes offers systems specifically designed to eliminate 99.99% of Legionella bacteria and other pathogenic bacteria and viruses from the water supply at the point of entry to a medical or commercial building or facility. These systems are appropriate for all senior living, nursing home, and hospital facilities where contamination of the water supply is a growing concern for vulnerable populations. Installation of a point-of-entry ultrafiltration system will supplement the Legionella risk management program for building water systems outlined in ASHRAE Standard 188.

Pretreatment to RO and desalination

Protect and extend the lifetime of your reverse osmosis (RO) and desalination technology with Clean Membranes’ C2- UF ultrafiltration systems. The pretreatment provided by our small footprint, low maintenance systems lowers the operating cost of your existing RO or desalination system by decreasing the frequency of expendable cartridge filter replacement and increasing the operational robustness to accept highly variable inlet water quality.

Pilot Trials

Piloting in the field or at a customer site is a key part of the treatment solution design and validation process. We can offer standard treatment system designs for well understood treatment applications, which can be piloted prior to sale, or we can work with our customers to develop custom treatment designs that are based upon the process of laboratory analysis and testing, integrated treatment system design, and one or more stages of field validation through piloting.

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